1. your best friend


  1. highly excited by eagerness or curiosity, awestruck, enthralled, excitedly eager, curious, desirous, enthusiastic, breathless, excited, impatient, ardent, avid, intent, itching, thirsty, zealous, keen, yearning, fervent, expectant.


agog leash™

Introducing the agog leash (patents pending), our unique dog leash and collar in one.  Gone are the days of searching for your leash or leaving home without it because the agog leash is always on your dog.  Deploy the leash to safely navigate the parking lot and walk to the trail head.  Once there, restore and enjoy your adventure without having to carry your leash, because it's on your dog and ready to redeploy in an instant! Check it out:

dog leash and collar in one


We are active people who love dogs! We work and play with equal zeal, often blurring the line between the two. We like to ski, climb, bike, surf, run, hike and play outside. Our adventures are made more enjoyable when our dogs can join us.

Our Malinois Pele is the inspiration for our products.  Trained as an avalanche rescue dog, she is "agog" embodied. Now retired from ski patrol work, Pele still loves trail running, hiking and playing frisbee.


our mission

dog leash and collar combined

We make high quality products for active dogs and their people™. Our products enable people to spend more time with their favorite canines, in more places, in more ways. We donate a portion of our profits to programs supporting better lives for dogs. 

Be the person your dog thinks you are!™



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