Adjust the dog leash to fit comfortably snug on your dog's neck. You should fit only 2-3 fingers between the leash and your dog's neck. If it is too loose it will not store neatly. The tags should be to the inside nearest to your dog's chest. To remove the leash feed some slack through the inside buckle to be kind to your dog's ears!


Pull on the tab to deploy the leash. Slide the sewn loop onto the hook buckle to create a handle.  For a shorter lead: secure the hook fabric at the handle to the loop fabric on the leash.


Restore: Place one hand under the leash palm up with your fingers pointing toward your dog's nose. Wrap the leash upon itself. Neatness counts! Make sure you pull all of the slack out as you wrap and ensure that the edges of the leash are parallel! firmly press the hook and loop together. Again, if it is too loose it may not store neatly.